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Cordoba Patios Tour

mayo 2 :10:30 am - mayo 14 :9:30 pm CEST | 15€

Enjoy the Patios Cordobeses Tour

Meet and Live by the hand of someone who knows ...

Courtyards of Cordoba Tour- Guided Tour - Tradition - image1

Courtyards of Cordoba Tour

Guided Tour or Courtyards of Cordoba Tour . Córdoba is an ancient city, in addition to being the only city that can be proud of having 4 World Heritage Declarations: The Mosque, The Historic Center, City of Medina Azahara and the Patios.

Also, it is thebirthplaceof famous characters such as: Averroes, Maimonides, Seneca or Luis de Gongora and during the month of Maycelebrates one of its most internationally recognized festivals, the Fiesta de los Patios

Two weeks, in which the city of the three cultures offers to be discovered through its courtyardsand theflowers that adorn them.

In Córdoba, the courtyards have always been considered one of the most important rooms in the house. The flowers provide the color that contrasts with the white courtyards. During these days, flowers play the main role and will make you fall in love with such beauty.

Cordoba Patios Tour

Surely you’ve heard about this festival more than once. Some friend, acquaintance or family member mustl have told you about it or been there. This is your chance.

During the Festival of the Patios a great number of musical performances of different styles are carried out.

Tradiciones and Fiestas invites you to live one of the most unique parties of many that take place in the city:the Fiesta de los Patios through our Cordoba Patios Tour.

Cordoba Patios Tour Options

The Tour of the Courtyards of Córdoba has two options; in the morning or in the afternoon, as you prefer.

We offer you:

Tour Patios Cordobeses escorted by one of our Córdoba guides.

Tour Details Cordobeses Patios

You have the opportunityto experience the Fiesta de los Patios de Córdoba in a unique way, accompanied by our local guides.

From May 2th to 14th be guided by a Cordovan expertin this spectacular celebration; He will be your hostthroughout the Tour of the Cordovan Patios.

We offer you:

Option 1 mornings:

  • 10.30h: pick up at the meeting point.
  • Guided tour with our host in Cordoba through 8 or 9 of the most characteristic and interesting courtyards.

Duration: 3 hours approximately.

Option 2 afternoons:

  • 17.30h: pick up at meeting point.
  • Guided tour with our host in Cordoba through 8 or 9 of the most characteristic and interesting courtyards.

Duration: 3 hours approximately.

  • You can reserve your placefor yourselforwith your group of friends.
  • The price is the same. If you come alone, you will join the group to enjoy the experience.
  • To carry out the activity it´s necessary a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 18.
  • If a minimum group of 8 people is not completed the experience will not be carried outand we will refund your money.
  • Children under 10 years do not pay, over 10 years the price is the same as an adult


  • Guided tour of the most prominent Courtyards of Córdoba.
  • Tour guide
  • Languages: Spanish / English / French


  • Transport.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Any extra not specified as included.

Guided, PERSONAL andEXCLUSIVE visit:

  1. They are personal and privateguided tours up to a maximum of 14 people per guide.
  2. You make sure to see the best courtyards: there are many courtyards to see, but also many people to see them.
  3. You will avoid overcrowding; The large groups that visit the courtyards these days make you sometimes give up wanting to enter to see a patio you wanted to see. You will not miss any details.
  4. You will notmiss any details.
  5. You will livethe essence of the party. The heat of those days in Cordoba can be suffocating; Making sure of what you are going to see and who you do it with, it will prevent you from taking a distorted image of this festival.
  6. You will knowallits history and the most curious secrets. When accompanied by our Cordoba guide, you will have privileged information provided by our local cicerone.
  7. Check all the positive commentswe have received from our experience to appreciate the value of it.

¿Do you need more reasons? ¿Tell us what worries you and we will solve your questions ?

We just wanted to tell you that a few months ago Entradium (Platform to sell tickets for events) changed the manager with which we created tickets for events. This change meant the loss of all the comments that our clients had left on the platform. This has been the way not to lose them, so we beg your pardon if it is not the best way. I hope they help you to know our experience through the people who have already lived it.

Thank you very much for your understanding

Cordobeses Patios Tour Program

Cordobeses Patios TourProgram

Reception Meeting Point

10:20AM - 10:30AM Plaza de las Tendillas, 4
Our guide will wait for you at the Plaza de las Tendillas, 4 next to the Tourist Office and from there we will be heading towards the patios

Beginning of the Tour

11AM Beginning of the Tour
Escorted by our cicerone we will tour a selection of prominent courtyards

Courtyards of Cordoba Tour

11AM - 2PM
You will cover the best courtyards accompanied by our guides

End of the Tour

2PM - 2:30PM
End of the Tour

Choose your option, mornings or afternoons.



mayo 2 :10:30 am
mayo 14 :9:30 pm
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Puerta Templo Romano (Ayuntamiento de Córdoba)
Córdoba, Córdoba 14001 España
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  • Blake P Responder

    Hello, is there any availability for a Patio tour on May 2nd or 3rd for 3 people?

    • Alfonso Bermejo Responder

      Hi there Blake,
      Yes, there is availability for a Patios Tour on may 2nd.
      Please, check our calendar un a few hours.
      We are updating the experiences.

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