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Feel the Momotxorros of Alsasua

febrero 21 :11:00 am - 10:00 pm CET | 50€ – 75€

Kingdon of Navarre Land of Diversity and great contrasts. We can appreciate one of these contrasts in the various rural carnivals that are held in different locations in the north of the community.

Every year, on Carnival Tuesday, carnivals of an atavisticcharacter linked to the land, livelihoods such as livestock or agriculture and the customs of the locals of this area of ​​Navarra are held in northern Navarra.

In the area known as Sakana or Barranca, one of the most spectacular carnivals in Navarra is celebrated, specifically in the town of Altsasu or Alsasua.

Colors, sounds, symbolism and the rite of blood, make this a different and spectacular carnival.

Hismost prominent characters, the Momotxorros, will intimidate us with the ” sarda” they carry in their hands,we will hearthe sound of their thunderous stampede and seehow they calm down with the dance. We will also see the Akerra or Male Cabrio in its path accompanied by the witches or Sorginak.

We have created an experience that will allow you to know first hand all the details of this curious carnival, and as ahighlightof this experience you can meet its true protagonists (Momotxorroak), participating with them at the meal prior to their parade.

Immerse yourself in Los Carnavales de Alsasua

Know and live with someone who knows ...

Tradiciones and Festivals invites you to live one of the most unique celebrations of many that take place in the North of Navarra, the Carnival of Alsasua

You can make the reservation and choose our proposal to see and learn from the inside of the Carnival of Alsasua with our expert local guide.

We offer you:

Meet from the inside the Carnivals of Alsasua escortedby a local guide.

Details of the Carnival Experience of Alsasua

You have the opportunityto experience the Carnival of Alsasuain a unique way, with the help of an expert hostat this Festival.

Be guided by an expert in this festival, he will be your host.

Tuesday 21/02 with or without a meal

  • 11: 00h Reception at the meeting point and we will disguise ourselves with cloth bags that we provide you. You will know all the details of this carnival and its characters.

    Later: we will go to the popular lunch(without the meal 2 hours of rest), then we will go into the carnival cortege. We will see the rite of blood, the wedding, the coven and the arrival at the square. Being inside this cortege is a unique experience that provides an adrenaline rush difficult to explain. We continue to know details of this carnival while we accompany the Mamuxarroak through the streets of the town.

  • 22: 00h End of the experience

Duration: 11 hours approximately.

  • You can reserve your placefor yourselforwith your group of friends.
  • The price is the same. If you come alone, you will join the group to enjoy the experience.
  • To carry out the activity it´s necessary a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 14.
  • If a minimum group of 4 people is not completed the experience will not be carried outand we will refund your money.


  • Guided tour and carnival experience
  • Lunch with carnival participants. (option with meal) (with lunch)
  • Tour guide
  • Seguro RC.


  • Transport.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Any extra not specified as included.

Guided, PERSONAL andEXCLUSIVE visit:

  1. They are personaland exclusive guided tours up to a maximum of 14 people per guide.
  2. You make sure you know and live one of the most characteristic rural carnivalsin Navarra.
  3. You will avoid getting a wrong idea.
  4. You will notmiss any details.
  5. Youwill livethe essence of these ancestral carnivals.
  6. You will know all itshistory, its main characters and the most curious secrets. When accompanied by our Navarre guide, you will have privileged information , provided by our local Cicerone.
  7. You will verify that the money invested is not muchconsidering the different experience.

¿Do you need more reasons? ¿Tell us what worries you and we will solve your questions ?

Alsasua Carnival Experience Program

Alsasua Carnival Program

Reception Meeting Point

11 AM Plaza de los Fueros s / n (next to the kiosk)
Our guide will wait for you next to the kiosk of the Plaza de los Fueros and from there we will begin the experience.

Start of the experience

12PM We disguised
We disguised to be part of this carnival

Disfrutamos de la experiencia

12:30PM - 22PM
Accompanied by our local expert we will know all the preparations and secrets of the Momotxorros and the rest of the characters. Then we will accompany you throughout the tour you take through the streets of Alsasua. We will witness the rite of blood, the wedding, the coven and the arrival to the square of the entire party

End of Experience

We say goodbye and conclude the experience

Select the experience


febrero 21
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
50€ – 75€
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c/ Garcia Ximenez, 36
Alsasua, Navarra 31800 España

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