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Rent balconies in San Fermín

julio 7 :6:45 am - julio 14 :8:30 am CEST | 130€

Rent balconies in San Fermín

rent balconies in San Fermin2

The best balconies in San Fermin

Rent balconies in San Fermín, we tell you some details.

That the encierro is the main attraction of the famousFiestas de San Fermínis well known by all. Surely even if you’ve never been to Sanfermines, it’s almost certain that you’ll have got up early to watch it on television, comfortably from your home. If you are not one of those early birds, it is very likely that you have seen one of the repetitions that are broadcast by the different media.

Whether you are a follower of the encierro or not, perhaps you have sometime considered to come to Pamplona to watch the race, so if you dare to do it, it is a good opportunity to know this Festival; for that reason, today I explain some details to you so that you can choose the best balconies to watch it.

Every morning from the 7th to the 14th of July, Pamplona and its visitors prepare to live one of the most exciting moments of all the festivities: the Encierro ( Running of the Bulls)

Watching the Encierro of Pamplona from a balcony is the best option to live and feel first hand and comfortably the emotions that this short event produces. Within the different options that exist to be able to watch the running of the bulls,you can choose to watch it from any of the sections that make up the encierro.

¿Do you want to live and feel all the emotion of the San Fermin encierros?

From Tradiciones y Fiestas we suggest you rent your balcony with us to enjoy this famous act.

Before the running of the bulls begins, you will enjoy a small breakfast offered by the host of each balcony.

From the balcony you will see From the balcony you will see all the details prior to the encierro; You will observe how the runners prepare before the run, you will feel the emotion before the rocket that announces its beginning, you will grasp the emotions that the previous environment transmits and at the end of everything, you will watch the famous race that runners and bulls lead every morning.

Rent balconies in San Fermín

To rent balconies in San Fermín just complete the form that we show below and we will contact you

We have different balconies (first and second floor) in the sections of Santo Domingo, City Hall, Mercaderes, Estafeta; You just have to complete the form and we will manage your reservation

We also have balconies to see the Chupinazo(amazing opening) or the Pobre de mí(ending of the festival) or the Procession of San Fermín(religious parade)

Rent the best balconies to watch the Encierro

Rent the best balconies to watch the Encierro

Know and live with someone who knows ...

Details for renting balconies

You have the unique opportunity to live the Fiestas de San Fermín in a different and customized way, watching the running of the bulls from a balcony.

PROGRAM: July 7th to 14th


  • Pick up at the meeting point
  • Watch theEncierro de Pamplona(Running of the Bulls) from a balcony (first or second floor) in the best sections.
  • Watch the Encierro de Pamplona from a balcony(third or fourth floor) in the best sections.
  • You can reserve your place on the balcony for yourselfor with your group of friends.
  • The price per person is the same.If you come on your own, you will join the group to enjoy the experience
  • Kids over 5 years paid as adult
  • We are a company registered in the Government Tourism Registry of Navarra. Registration Number: UETC0051


  • Balcony to watch the Running of the Bulls (first or second floor)
  • Balcony to watch the Running of the Bulls (third floor or fourth floor)
  • Breakfast (Coffee and pastries)

Guided, PERSONAL and EXCLUSIVE visit:

  1. They are personal and exclusive balcony spaces in the best sections.
  2. Depending on the days the price may vary (July 7th and weekend)
  3. You make sure you know and live one of the most characteristic events in Spain.
  4. You will avoid getting a wrong idea.
  5. You will notmiss any details.
  6. You will live theessence of Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls

¿Do you need more reasons? ¿Tell us what worries you and we will solve your questions ?

Reserve your place ¡now!

Be sure to sign up early before space becomes limited


julio 7 :6:45 am
julio 14 :8:30 am
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c/ Estafeta
Pamplona, Navarra 31001 España
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  • Davinia Rodriguez Responder

    Hola Alfonso, un gusto saludarte por este medio!
    Viajo con un grupo de 4 personas y estamos buscando una compañia con la que alquilar un balcon para ver el encierro del día 7 de julio. Podría ayudarnos? Gracias de antemano y un saludo!

    • Alfonso Bermejo Responder

      Hola Davinia,
      Encantado también de saludarte.
      Te acabo de enviar un mail con los detalles para alquilar un balcón con nosotros.

    • Alfonso Bermejo Responder

      Hola Davinia,
      Bienvenida a Tradiciones y Fiestas.
      Disculpa el retraso en contestarte.
      Te acabo de mandar un mail con la información.

  • 262-312-4866 Responder

    Hola! My family and I are coming from America and looking for a reliable company to rent a balcony from. We are five adults (and two babies) We hope you are it!

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