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The Feast of the Reconquest of Vigo

28 marzo, 2024 :12:00 pm - 31 marzo, 2024 :9:00 pm CET

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Where and when

Vigo. Pontevedra. Spain. Europe.

The Feast of the Reconquest of Vigo takes place in the old town. The Feast usually takes place every year the weekend closest to March 28th. The days of the popular uprising againstNapoleon’s army are remembered. In 2020 it will be during March 28th and 29th. In2024 it will be during March 28h and  31th.

Vigo is a city of about 300,000 inhabitants located in the Region of Vigo and is a coastal municipality of the Rías Baixas.

Origin … some history pills

The origin of this celebration dates back to the year 1809, when a popular uprising managed to expel the French who had previously occupied the city. As a reward, in addition to getting rid of Napoleon’s army, he received the title of city«faithful, loyal and courageous

The Feast of the Reconquest of Vigo, has been changingover the years its day of celebration (June, August) to end up being celebrated for years on March 28thor theweekend closest to it.

What it is / what it consists of

For three days, the city of Vigo turns its streets into a huge stage of the nineteenth century, with aspectacular marketset at the time of the Spanish War of Independence. In addition,historical recreations are carried out and people dress as fishermen, peasants or soldiers to make a trip to the pastof which they feel very proud.

The most important events are historical reenactments, with more than 500 people representing the French side and the Spanish side. Also noteworthy are thecraft demonstrations of the time that are held in the market as well as more than 30 musical and dance groups that liven up the city. Theposter contest of the Reconquest of Vigo is also a prominent event.

The Reconquest of Vigo: curiosities

As a curious fact, I will tell you that in 2009 the Bicentennial of the Reconquest of Vigowas celebrated where in addition to the usual events, theI Congress on the Reconquest of Vigo was also held. The organizers of the Reconquista is the Cultural and Neighborhood Association Casco Vello de Vigo.

Practical information

Activities: Take the urban routes known as Walks through Architecture, visit the Mount “O Castroand enjoy the best views of Vigo; visit the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo (MARCO)eat in one of the best restaurants in the area and sleep in any of the comfortable accommodations available.

If you want more information you can visit theTourism website of Vigo

«The header photo and the photo that illustrates this post have been published under a Creative Commons license in the Flickr of Septem Trionis»


28 marzo, 2024 :12:00 pm
31 marzo, 2024 :9:00 pm
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